Our Services

We provide consulting and training services in digital communication, digital marketing and customer experience.

Working with us starts by crafting the right recipe for your business and your customers. We will bring you specific tactics and a methodology that fits your business objectives. We will tell you which platforms are right for you, how to use these platforms, which story to tell, how to tailor the story you tell to fit each platform, how to turn your stories into sales, which tools and resources you will need to make it happen, how to measure your results, and more.

Our involvement doesn’t stop at the recipe. You have to implement it and monitor it. Our clients can choose between three levels of monthly support. The level will depend on whether you prefer:

  • to do things in-house;
  • that we take some of the workload off your internal team;
  • to outsource that process to us.

Our services are:

  • Content strategy & content marketing – We will establish your content strategy, determine your editorial line, your storytelling strategy and your content distribution channels. We can also help you with blogging and the creation of other digital content.
  • Social media strategy & action plan – After we examined when and how social media can help you achieve your business objectives, we will create a high-level action plan, determine what you will need to make it happen and put it in action. We will make sure that you can track your results.
  • Influencer and consumer outreach – Our founder, Kim Vallee, worked for 6 years as a professional blogger before launching Sidekick Labs. She still blogs. Kim’s insights taught us how to do it right. And even more importantly, we know what not to do when you reach influencers or the public.
  • Custom training, workshops and coaching – We favor a hands-on approach when it comes to transfer our knowledge to your internal team.
  • Digital product design and strategy
  • User experience audit and consulting
  • Lean user research and product validation studies


Putting ourselves in your customer’s shoes

We start every project by looking at it from the perspectives of your prospects, your users and your customers. This step identifies the real problem or opportunity that we will need to solve.

In everything we do, our goal is to solve your customer’s pain points. We make sure that your visitors and shoppers have access to the information they need when they need it. We will explore when and how is the most convenient way to reach them.

We can suggest ways to improve your products or services to better serve your customers.

Meaningful content

We believe in starting conversations and producing content around topics that are useful and relevant to your targeted audience.

The copy of your Web site, your catalog, your landing pages, your newsletters, your email notifications, and the features on your Web site are as important for building trust and for your bottom line than the message of your marketing campaigns. We always recommend testing key elements to see which one converts the most.

Delightful user experience

Providing a delightful experience has the power to turn prospects into loyal customers.

At Sidekick Labs, we look at the whole user experience. From the landing page they arrived after they clicked on an ad, to the content of your Web site, what is in your catalog, how they interact with you on social media, what happens when they are making a purchase or entering a contest, everything should match your marketing message and the level of expectations that it created.

Delivering a seamless experience every step of the way

We consider all the parts. Most agencies underestimate the power of a great execution and what it takes to properly reach bloggers and consumers. We don’t!

Measuring success

You need a way to determine if your digital marketing initiatives are adding values and if they help reaching your business goals.

We will set up a small set of key actionable metrics tailored to your project to track results. As a business, you need to learn from the metrics and to know when to iterate.

Just so you know, we don’t care about winning awards; we care about your success. We use a lean and agile methodology to make it happen. Contact us to know more about how we may help you.