About us

Kim Vallee founded Sidekick Labs in 2013 to fill a void in the digital marketing and communication space. She thinks that digital initiatives are too often ran in silos, that not enough attention is put on delighting users, and that most brands are still at lost when it comes to their digital communications and how to use social media, content marketing and other marketing initiatives to truly interact with their audience, to create awareness and ultimately, to drive sales.

Her desire to help small brands with their digital communication and marketing come from her days as the editor of a stylish living blog. Kim received plenty of PR pitches over that 6-year period. She worked and collaborated with many PR agencies, ad agencies, digital agencies and established brands. Sadly for the brands, she saw her share of poorly executed blogger outreach initiatives and digital initiatives. Kim often voiced how she would do things differently on her social media blog. She often felt that she could do a better job if she led these projects.

After 6 years as a successful blogger, Kim returned to her root, which is digital marketing. Sidekick Labs was born.

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